Emily Crawford, Parents’ Choice Foundation

“iBiome-Ocean is dense with information and kids may be overwhelmed if they try to absorb too much in a single sitting, but like a good interactive e-book, this app invites many return visits in which enthusiastic young marine biologists continue to learn more about their favorite species. “

Bill Brooks, Gr 6 Science Teacher, Eastshore Elementary School, California

“iBiome-Ocean allowed my students to discover how food chains and webs work because they could manipulate them using what they read in their science textbooks.  I have taught for 38 years, and this is one of the best products to teach ecology that I have used. It teaches students the phenomena of real-life food webs.”

Erin Wilkey Oh, Executive Editor, Common Sense Education

“This smartly designed environmental sim lets kids explore three wetland habitats. By drawing connections between different species and creating a web, kids learn about producers and consumers, and about predator/prey relationships.”