iBiome Series

Help students understand the Earth’s water systems and become environmental stewards.


Students gain an unparalleled experience where nature is simulated in their classrooms.


Students develop scientific skills in a fun and interactive way by building lifelike virtual biodomes.


Students add species to their biodomes and observe how their ecosystems respond.


Students ask critical questions about how their actions impact the environment and are inspired to develop solutions.

What the iBiome Series Can Offer Your Students

Educators’ Feedback

“iBiome-Ocean allowed my students to discover how food chains and webs work because they could manipulate them using what they read in their science textbooks.  I have taught for 38 years, and this is one of the best products to teach ecology that I have used. It teaches students the phenomena of real-life food webs.”

Bill Brooks, Gr 6 Science Teacher, Eastshore Elementary School, California

“The iBiome games bring the science curriculum to life!  Building food chains and observing changes in food chains as species are added to each dome really helped my students understand ecosystem interactions. While playing, the children often comment on loving the scientist, they marvel at pictures of the real-life organisms, and are proud of themselves after completing a dome.  The iBiome games are a fun addition to my science classroom.”

Graziella Sadler, Gr 3 Science Teacher, Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School, Ontario

iBiome-Wetland is a beautifully designed and well-researched game that engages students quickly.

Mike Farley, Gr.7 Science Teacher, University of Toronto Schools, Canada

Awards and Recognition

What Students Learned From Playing Our Games

  • "The part I liked most was when I added animals and got many badges. The badges were hard to get and was the most fun part."
  • "It taught a lot more than what I learned from our textbook. It got me thinking a lot.”
  • "I think it does help you learn about the ecosystem. I think it helps because you learn best when you are having fun. This game was very entertaining, so I paid more attention to it and learned more.”
  • "I learned about over-fishing and the problems associated with less wildlife."
  • "I liked matching the icons to the predator, prey, producer, etc, because it taught me the most.”
  • "I learned that we are creating global warming and that we are over-fishing. I learned that all the sea creatures have to die or adapt to what's going on."