Bill Brooks, Gr 6 Science Teacher, Eastshore Elementary School, California

“iBiome-Ocean allowed my students to discover how food chains and webs work because they could manipulate them using what they read in their science textbooks. I have taught for 38 years, and this is one of the best products to teach ecology that I have used. It teaches students the phenomena of real-life food webs.”

“This is a great app for elementary-age children to learn about ecosystems. Players add species to different biomes, starting with the bottom of the food web. They drag and drop species to match them with their correct categories, teaching them great science vocabulary along the way: omnivore, predator, prey, producer, consumer, etc.”

“This is a great educational tool for young children! I believe you will enjoy watching your children interacting with this app!”

“My 7 year old son loved this app. He needed help reading some of the words but loved working through the layers of each biosphere and learning about the different species. Definitely held his attention for the whole series & I think we all learned quite a lot. Can’t wait for the next set of […]

“My son and I are working through this game. It is very educational and fun. My son begs to play this game…”

“Fantastic, this app answered lots of puzzles of my kid about the bio world which I have no idea how to explain to her. This app did it in a fun way, my daughter loves it and enjoys the way she learns. Do hope to see more such apps on other biological ecosystems.”

“My kids enjoy using it and more importantly (for me) they learned some cool stuff! Great animations!”

“Wow! What an app it is. My kid really loves it. He is thoroughly enjoying it. The procedure, animations, tasks etc. are really fun loving. Learning is fun by introducing it in the form of games. Thank you for developing such an app.”