iBiome-Wetland: School Edition

What is iBiome-Wetland: School Edition?

  • A special edition for classrooms based on the five-time award-winning educational game/app iBiome-Wetland
  • Build bio-domes from scratch and interact with food webs
  • Discover relationships between 54 organisms in their wetland ecosystems
  • Learn the role of each species within the biodome, and how they affect each other
  • Alter a species’ population and observe its effects on the rest of the food web
  • Challenge students to make their virtual habitats flourish with life

How does this game align with Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards?

  • iBiome-Wetland: School Edition aligns with Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Help your students establish strong scientific reading skills at a grade 6-8 level
  • Introduce your students to ecosystem interaction and dynamics to provide a foundation for future biological concepts