More than 600 students inspired through 21 workshops in Ontario!

“I did Like this workshop. What I liked the most is the game because there are many different species.”

Grade 6 student, David Leeder Middle School

“I did enjoy the workshop! I liked that I learned about the ocean and sea animals!!!”

Grade 3 student, Edith Carvell Public School

“I liked everything (in the workshop) because it taught me to use reusable bottles. “

Grade 6 student, Port Weller Public School

“I liked how you used a game to teach us instead of constant guest talking. I liked how you could build your own ecosystems.”  

Grade 5 Student, Cherrywood Acres Public School

“I would recommend this workshop to colleagues. It engaged the students in a way that is difficult without having many in school or local resources available. ”  

Grade 6 Teacher from Kate S. Durdan Public School

“The kids really started to see how connected all of the species were.The kids seemed to enjoy the workshop! It was the right amount of time and the videos were interesting!”

Grade 4/5 split teacher from Cherrywood Acres Public School

“It was great. My kids really enjoyed it and they can navigate through it. They were really engaged in the workshop.”     

Grade 3 Teacher from Edith Cavell Public School

Habitats, Biodiversity & Environmental Science brought to life through game-based learning

At Springbay Studio, we aim to spark children’s interest in biology and ecology with game-based learning. We conduct workshops for schools where kids can learn about oceanic ecosystems and also learn about environmental stewardship.

Get Grades 3-7 students excited about your upcoming science units

The workshops and the game are specifically designed to align with Ontario Science Curriculum, which makes them a perfect introduction for your life sciences unit.

Discussions, videos, and hands-on experience with a multi-award winning educational game

We believe that the interactive dynamic of games has the potential to benefit both teaching and learning.