Support Eco School Programs

Support your Eco School program all year around while having fun. iBiome games let students learn about biodiversity and sustainability through a unique, play-based, hands-on experience.

Holistic Approach for STEM

Boost your STEM curriculum by introducing students to biology, ecology and environmental literacy. Springbay games prepare students to be champions of the environment.

Involve Students in Sustainability Policies

Help students understand why school boards are committed to the environment and sustainability by giving them an engaging experience. Empower them to live in environmentally conscious ways.


“I think it does help you learn about the ecosystem. I think it helps because you learn best when you are having fun. This game was very entertaining, so I paid more attention to it and learned more.” – Gr.6 student, Centennial Sr. Public School, Brampton, Ontario

“i liked the building part the most because it was being creative and learning about science at the same time it was fun!” – Gr.6 student, Centennial Sr. Public School, Brampton, Ontario

“Most Part I Liked Was When I Added Animals And Got Many Badges, The Badges Were Hard To Get And The Most Fun.” – Gr.6 student,  Centennial Sr. Public School in Brampton, Ontario

Curriculum-based STEM learning

Introduce students to foundational STEM knowledge with this easy-to-understand, curriculum-integrated exploration into environmental science. Engage them in retaining their biology, ecology and environmental literacy curriculum through gaming as they discover, create, and test the balance of their own virtual ecosystem.

Develop sustainable habits

Nurturing an eco-focused mindset starts with hope for a better future. Re-enforce their commitment to climate action and show them why sustainability is important. They’ll feel empowered to build environmentally conscious habits that last for life and co-create a world where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.

Connect with nature

Whether they’re at home or in the classroom, the iBiome series of games creates a safe and fun environment for kids to experience and explore nature. They’ll discover fascinating ecosystems from all over the world. Whether they’re diving deep into a coral reef, going on a frozen arctic expedition, or wading through a freshwater marsh, they’ll learn all about the biodiversity of different ecosystems first-hand.